Why Manitoba:

  • Get your PR easier than in other provinces
  • Get your PR in a shorter time
  • Lower tuition and lower living cost

Scenario one:

One International Student in Canada >
Spouse is eligible for Work Permit and education available to children over 5 years old>
Spouse gets work experience in Canada >
Family get PR

Z is studying in a two-year certificate program in Manitoba. After she gets the study permit and enrolls in school, her husband applies for an open work permit. Their children can go to a local school for free.   Our company helped her husband to find a job in Manitoba and after he worked for 6 months, he applied MPNP. This is one of the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. One international student leads to a whole family being able to apply for PR.

Scenario two:

First get PR, then higher education=seize the good immigration policy + save big money

After graduating from high school, Z applied to a one-year certificate program in Manitoba. After he graduated from school, he worked at a qualified job and then applied for MPNP.  One year after getting the PR, Z continued his bachelor study, and got an interest-free student loan. As a local student, the tuition was just 1/5 to 1/3 compared to tuition of international students. At the same time, he was eligible to apply to more competitive programs that are only open to Canadian citizens or PRs. Z worked at part-time job to help support his living costs. More and more clients choose this path to get PR as you are able to seize the immigration opportunity quickly and save on tuition costs.

MPNP program has its own selection requirements to link immigration with skills that Manitoba needs. For different applicants, the selection criteria varies in education, employment, language and so on. We will plan and tailor the immigration path for each client.