Skilled Workers:

Immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker requires you have education and work experience, plus a job offer from an employer in Canada. We can help to connect it all together.

Immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker requires that you to have at least one-year continuous work experience in a job that normally requires post-secondary education. You will need a college diploma or university degree. There are minimum English language levels required, depending on the job description IELTS-generally 6.0 is the lowest. The other aspect of immigrating as a skilled worker depends on employers in Canada and their willingness to hire foreign skilled workers. Employers in Canada must first get authorization from the government which takes a long time and a lot of effort. However, when employers are unable to find workers within Canada, they are willing to do this. Bond Immigration Services Ltd. can evaluate your eligibility and discover matching job opportunities.

Canada has a separate program for skilled trade workers which is geared to highly-skilled laborers that have completed an apprenticeship or have a certificate, such as electrician, construction worker, equipment operators, chefs, cooks, bakers and butchers. To qualify for this program the worker must have two years’ experience in the past five years. This program does not consider education, and language ability can be lower. Similar to the skilled worker program, a job offer from a Canadian employer is needed. Bond Immigration Services Ltd. will make sure your credentials are properly assessed and evaluate your chances to work in your trade in Canada.