1)What is MBTI?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the world most popular assessment tools that helps people understand their personality and career development. This program was established in the United States 50 years ago.  Today, MBTI is widely used in over 70 counties, by Fortune 500 companies and by many respectable educational. Each year, over 2 million people take the MBTI assessment as people find the assessment to be accurate and useful.

The licensed MBTI practitioner works with a client to collect information and review the analysis.  MBTI helps people understand themselves better by measuring the four MBTI preference pairs:

  • How do you direct and receive energy: Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)
  • How do you take in information: Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)
  • How do you decide and come to conclusions: Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  • How do you approach the outside world: Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

Analysis of these four pairs show a person’s preferences. For example, some people prefer to use their left hand, while others prefer to use their right hand. This assessment identifies a person’s natural preferences, which means to identify a person’s potential strength. MBTI results can help people to develop their natural potential and to recognize their preferences in their daily life and career choices.

2) How to do the assessment?

The questionnaire is administered by a licensed MBTI practitioner.  It takes 30 minutes to complete. The assessment produces two different reports: a personality report and a career report.  According the MBTI analysis, people can be divided into 16 different types. The licensed MBTI practitioner will explain the results to the client and help the client become aware of his/her personality type, potential strengths and weaknesses and direct them toward professions which use their strengths. The licensed MBTI practitioner can help clients establish a development direction for study and career goals.

3) MBTI career planning, education, and the immigration process

Study, immigration + MBTI --------- A "backward personalized program"

Bond immigration Services Ltd. connects the MBTI personality and career panning assessment with educational opportunities which may assist with the immigration process. Many students that choose to study in Canada, do not have the knowledge to clearly set a study path towards a career goal. The MBTI assessment helps clients to be aware of their personality and preferences, and then helps to establish educational goals that leads to a satisfying career. This “backward personalized program” will save clients time and money during their study, career, and immigration process by being focused on realistic goals.

The best part of this program is that it personalizes a study, work, and immigration plan that fits each client’s situation and needs. We help our clients to have a clear career direction before starting the whole immigration process.

Case: MBTI > Study > Work > Immigration

After graduating from high school, H wanted to enroll in an  undergraduate study program at the University of Manitoba and he planned to immigrate to Canada in the future.  However,  he was uncertain about his academic study program; he did not know what major to choose. With the help of Bond Immigration Services Ltd., H took the MBTI assessment, and it helped him to recognize his strengths in engineering which made him become more confident about his educational goals. During his undergraduate study, H did well because he enjoyed the study and it fit well with his personality. While studying, H took a part-time job organizing drawings for an engineering firm. After graduation, H qualified for a junior engineering position, and H enjoyed the job and performed well. H continued working in this job until he was an eligible Provincial Nominee, and until his Permanent Residence was approved.  Afterwards, H kept working at the same company because he enjoyed it so much.  He was promoted and moved up in his career. Bond Immigration Services Ltd. obtained the permits H needed and advised H along the way, ensuring both his part-time and full-time jobs were authorized and eligible for the PR.

4)MBTI Reviews+

Amy L.

“Many thanks to Miss Wang who did the Myers Brigs type indicator test. She was so professional and well prepared. Before the test, she communicated how the test would be and explained my report to me in a professional manner afterward. She answered my questions timely and was very patient. I think the test is very useful and accurate.  It helped me to understand myself at a deeper level, knowing what I am good at and what I need to be improve in order to be successful at a workplace. It provides me direction at the point of my life where I am considering making a career change. The report listed the careers that I would be most successful in as well as the ones that I should avoid. “


“My father took the MBTI test several months earlier than I did. And the occupations shown that fit him in the test result were exactly the same jobs he had worked in his entire career. So he suggested me to take the test as well when I was confused about how to find a balance of my character, interest and career. It was a wise decision I made of doing the test and also an impressing experience for me to explore the job families and occupations that may fit me. Fang is a helpful adviser who gave me a lot of recommendation after I got the results and we had some discussions about which major and field would fit me in the university and my career-planning, which I really had no idea about what I should do in the future before I did the test. Finally, I chose commercial business as my goal since it was one of the suggested jobs in job families shown in my report. I have to say it really was an enlightening and eye-opening experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are confused about what occupations could attract them as I was, to do the test to make the perfect career plans of themselves.”

Mr. Liang

“Since I took MBTI test in 2017, I found it is really an efficient way to analyze myself and a good guide for my future work. As an experienced professional manager, in recent years I found I started to make more mistakes in my work and with interpersonal relationships. MBTI was a good way to help me find the cause of these problems. It is a professional assessment for analyzing a person’s character and personality and helps you strengthen your strong points meanwhile avoid the weaknesses. I recommend everyone to take this personalized test and I am sure it will help you a lot.”

Ms. Debi S.

I would highly recommend Wang Fang to assist people with the Myers-Briggs career assessment.  I have a teenage daughter who is quite shy and had no idea what profession she wanted to go in.  She was finishing high school and needed to make some choices as to what career line she is interested in and which types of courses and schooling are required.  Wang Fang took the time to make my daughter feel very comfortable.  She explained the Myers-Briggs test thoroughly and helped my daughter through the process.  She explained the different personality types and then which career areas she would be most suited to.  Wang Fang was highly knowledgeable and professional, and my daughter has greater insight into the lines of work she is interested in.