Business Investor Stream-Entrepreneur

  • More efficient program with maximum number of applicants (SINP)
  • Competitive application processing time
  • Lower net worth and investment requirement

Immigration is possible for experienced persons with the desire to invest and operate a business in Canada. Bond Immigration Services will provide the advice you need to make choices that will lead to both a successful business and a successful immigration.


Business immigrants want to own and operate a business in Canada, and can visualize their business and their life in Canada. They need to plan a business, adapt to cultural differences, plus meet the requirements of the business immigration program.  It can be become very complicated. Robert Dykstra, MBA understands what is needed for an immigrant to make a business successful in Canada.


Two of the more popular programs are the Manitoba Business Investor Stream (MBIS) and the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program (SINP), because of the low net worth requirement and the low investment minimum.


Entrepreneurs are persons that can start and grow a business using their innovative ideas or knowledge of foreign markets. Provincial governments value entrepreneurs because they improve the economy, which is why some provincial programs specifically look for entrepreneurs.


One example of an entrepreneur is Ryan.  Ryan is a 35-year-old who ran his own wholesale gift business in Brazil. Ryan found new ways to increase the number of his customers, which caused his business to grow quickly. After 5 years, he sold his company to a larger wholesaler for $550,000. Before starting his business, Ryan studied in university and earned a degree in management; he also learned some English and tested at IELTS 4.0. Ryan is a good candidate for the Saskatchewan SINP Entrepreneur Program, which gives a higher rank to applicants that were owners of fast growing companies.


Another type of entrepreneur would be a person like Hilary.  Hilary is a 45-year-old factory manager from Asia with six years’ experience as a senior manager. Hilary has a university degree and she has also learned English and tested at IELTS 5.0. Hilary and her husband have $800,000 in savings and property. She now wants to use her management experience to buy a business in Canada.  The best choice for Hilary is Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Entrepreneur Pathway, because of the lower investment requirement, and she is eligible even though she was not the business owner.